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Stop Living
Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck sucks, especially when you know you make enough to cover your bills each month. The stress comes from not knowing how much money you will have tomorrow, next week, and next month.

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A Crystal Ball
For Your Life

What Our Users Say

A very useful tool for managing my financial status and knowing how much available money I have to spend outside of my financial commitments, i.e. rent, phone bill, internet, and credit cards.

Anonymous User | Android

My favorite part is that I can manipulate the expenses to determine how a certain thing will change the course of my savings goals later in that month or even how the rest of my year will play out.

Anonymous User | Android

For those of us paid weekly or bi-weekly it is hard to know how much of each paycheck is used to cover upcoming expenses. Uptik's calendar makes it easy.

Anonymous User | Web

This app is really great! By using it to track my income and expenses, I was able to see the impact my impulse buying is having on my finances. The part that really makes this app standout is the fact that there is both a mobile app and a web app

Anonymous User | Android

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No. We don't need your credit card credentials or bank passwords. Uptik was built to give you the power to understand and own your financial future.

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Be Confident
With Your Money

It's really simple. Enter the incomes and expenses you know happen every month and Uptik tells you exactly how much money you will have every day for the rest of your life. Never wonder if you will make it to your next paycheck again.

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